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A native of Durango, Mexico, Estela Calzada will teach you how to prepare pescado tixin-xic yucateco - a mouthwatering and healthy fish dish that celebrates the traditions of the Yucatán.

The culinary traditions of the Mexican state of Yucatán have been shaped by ancient Mayan tradition that was relatively untouched for centuries. Today Yucatecan cuisine upholds the flavorful traditions of using achiote, tart citrus, spicy habaneros, and smoke to impart distinctly Yucatecan flavors. Estela will teach students how to prepare pescado tixin-xic yucateco, a brightly flavored dish featuring white fish that is marinated in tart citrus and achioteAchiote is ground annatto seeds that may be turned into a seasoning paste or powder. It can be bought at the store, but you will learn Estela’s preferred method for grinding the achiote using her molcajete (think large format mortar and pestle). Keeping with Yucatecan tradition, pescado tixin-xic yucateco is seasoned and then wrapped in banana leaves which maintain the moisture of the fish while imparting a subtle flavor onto the meat. We'll round out the meal with rice and an agua fresca (juice) we'll make together with lime, chia seeds and cucumber.

Once our feast is ready, we will sit down and eat and learn more about Mexican culinary and cultural traditions. Estela worked for two years at Somerville’s Tu Y Yo restaurant and is currently working and curating the menu at Olé in Inman Square. She’s the real deal!

The charismatic Estela will speak Spanish while a translator offers full English translation.

Price $50

**We can no longer offer refunds for classes.